A Comprehensive Guide to Find the Perfect Residential Car Garage Lifts in 2023

The necessity of having a car lift in your home garage is multi-dimensional. It can be the handiest equipment, from saving a big chunk of your money to allowing you to look at your ride anytime.

On top of that, a car lift can make your daily I-am-a-mechanic life easier. It takes off pressure from your tires and lifts the vehicle. This gives you enough room to tuck underneath and look what’s up.

If I am being honest, I learned everything about automobiles from the internet. I didn’t know how to change flat tires, oil, or even battery. 

Day by day, with the help of the web and some of my friends, I get to know everything. And for some reason, I enjoy working with a car hoist or lift the most.

Since you’re here, I’d assume you’re searching for one. Believe me, it’s not something you can find just by walking into a random Walmart. Yes, the machine in your garage might make your life easy, but finding the best residential car garage lift isn’t.

The reason is pretty much straightforward. Firstly, it’s a topic filled with micro-details. For this reason, it’s easy to lose your way while researching. 

Secondly, you need to consider many factors such as vehicle type, vehicle weight, garage size, etc. This makes the whole process a bit tiring.

Scared? Don’t be.

I’ve done quite a lot of the TIRING part. So, you just have to follow my instructions and end up placing your hands on the best residential car garage lifts ever. 

No, this isn’t a bluff. The rest of the article will back my words, I’m sure. 

Top 5 Residential Car Garage Lifts – My Picks

Like most other products, car lifts divide into a lot of types. The names mainly go as Portable, two-post, four-post, and scissor. I’ve talked about these briefly in the later part of the article. So, there’s nothing to get worked up with the names now.

For your betterment, I’ve only chosen five products. This will not only give a clear idea about the market’s best products but also leave you out of confusion. Remember, the fewer options, the easier it is to decide.


If you’re in a phase where you don’t want anything permanent in your home garage, a portable lift must be your first option. I present to you one of the market’s most demanded portable home garage car lifts. The QuickJack 7000TL.

QuickJack 7000TL

This one is too perfect when you have a tight space or limited room for your car lift. Since it’s divided into two parts and easily slides under a vehicle, you’ll get both mobility and space-saving option.

Also, both of the frames fold down. As a result, you get the luxury of quick and easy storage. 

One of the standouts of this particular product is that it’s capable of lifting extra three inches than the previous QuickJack models. Now, it’s time to dive deep and understand why I recommend this one highly.

First, I’d like to tell you about the dynamic design of the 7000 TL. The whole package consists of two main frame extensions, standard rubber blocks, a wall hanger set, a truck adapter kit, and other necessary pieces of machinery. The frame extensions generally come with a slick all-black look where the only white(steel) thing is the hydraulic bars.

Both of the extension has two bards. They sit diagonally on the frame so the whole platform can hoist up 7000 pounds of weight. 7000TL is the perfect product if you own an SUV, a Car, or a Mini-truck. It has enough strength to heft any of these.

Talking about strength, the item can vertically lift an impressive 24.5 inches. It has a lowered height of 3.5 inches. This means the minimum lifting height would fall anywhere between 3.5 to 24.5 inches.

Through my experience, I would say 24.5 inches of vertical lift is roomy enough to fit a pretty big man. It will give you enough space to tuck underneath and work with the vehicle.

Moving on, the whole product is made of standard alloy steel and finished with a shiny black coating. The overall steel build makes it strong, and the coating helps it stay away from rust or damage.

The frames weigh 98 lbs. each. Hence, playing with it won’t be that difficult for you. Also, the extensions come with a standard dimension of 12.5” x 70.5”.

Another great feature of the QuickJack Marvel is its super easy installation and user-friendly operation. It comes with an elaborative manual guide

If your guide gets damaged or lost, you can just look into QuickJack’s website. They have proper instructions there too. Also, don’t worry if reading doesn’t work for you. Try YouTube.

Just like the installation, the operation is pretty straightforward too. You’ll need a proper supply to run the power unit. A few tools to place everything at their respective places. And voila, the frame is ready to lift your vehicle to 24.5 inches in just 30 seconds.

If you’re looking for a machine to lift anything under 70000 lbs. and want the best, the QuickJack 7000TL has everything to impress you.


The second product on my list belongs to the most famous APlusLift’s HW 10-KOH. Unlike the previous one, this is a two-post overhead lift. This means that two main vertically standing posts will carry the vehicle’s weight.

APlusLift HW-10KOH

It’s a car lift for bigger and heavier vehicles. So, if you’re planning to save some space in your home garage, this one is not for you. On the contrary, if you don’t mind giving in a little extra space, this can be one of the best residential garage car lifts.

The design is just like a classic 2-post overhead lift. This means it has two mainframestwo swing arms attached to the posts, and an overhead assembly containing all hydraulic lines and equalizer cables sitting at the top of the two columns.

The posts, overhead bar, and swing arms have standard alloy steel inside. As a result, the product’s got a rigid build and necessary lifting power.

Talking about power, the product can lift any vehicle that weighs less than or equal to 10000 lbs. It also has an impressive number in terms of lifting height. Without a truck adapter, the machine can hoist anything to 75 inches. And with an adapter, it goes up to anything like 85 inches.

In short, HW 10-KOH has three times of lift height than the QuickJack. Huge!

Generally, swing arms do all the heavy lifting. Vertical posts give the arms support and balance, and cables and power pumps provide the necessary electricity supply. And lastly, when these all work together, the machine lifts a vehicle according to your preference.

If you’re new in the auto-lifting scene and afraid to handle such a big machine like this, you can rely on its safety features. These’ll ensure your safety and help you avoid all sorts of trouble.

The most charismatic feature amongst these would be its double-point safety lock release and automatic arm lock restraints. With this, the lift holds the vehicle tightly and needs manual pressing to release.

Moving on, the power unit cable goes from one column to another using the overhead beam. Hence, the bar has a high armor as it’s responsible for the safe power stream.

Besides the beam, there is a Relief Valve that also produces a layer of security. The valve is attached to the power pump to cut off all electricity while overloading.

This gives you the luxury of avoiding property and personal damage. However, neglecting pre-operational maintenance can result in some damage despite having standard safety options. So, always check everything before starting work.

Having a big body doesn’t mean you can’t store the item. If you don’t use a lift frequently, you can easily de-attach everything and store them in your garage. 

The column’s dimension is 13” x 64”, and the carriage arms’ is 15” x 64”. So, it’s not that spacious if you separately put these away.

Installing HW-10KOP is a bit trickier than the QuickJack. It takes more time and patience. It’s always better to find an extra hand while setting this big boy up. APlusLift provides an installation manual for help. Otherwise, as I said previously, there’s YouTube.


The third product on my list again belongs to one of the APlusLift. It’s also a two-post type like the previous one. To be very honest, this one is almost similar to the HW-10KOH with one main modification. Let me present to you the HW-10KBH two-post heavy-duty vehicle lift.

APlusLift HW-10KBP

The main difference between the two products is that this one is a Floorplate model, and the previous one is Overhead

As you already know, the Overhead model has an overhead beam that acts as a bridge between the two posts. The bar contains all the equalizer cables and hydraulic lines.

On the other hand, the Floorplate model has the same beam containing all sorts of wires and cables but sits at the bottom. This means your garage floor accommodates both the plate and columns.

The garage floor concrete must have the required thickness to install it. Some people would say a 4-inch floor is enough, and others would say six. I believe if your ride sits at 6000 – 7000 lbs. bar, a 4-inch concrete is enough.

On the contrary, planning to hoist a 10,000 lbs. beast on a 4-inch ground is unrealistic. To avoid any accident, it’s always better to have a 6-inch thickness here. Yes, size matters.  

Now, why do you even choose a floorplate model over the other?

The answer is pretty much straightforward. If you have a ride with tall tires and need more space underneath, this one should be your first preference. Because there’s no roof here, and as a result, your vehicle can reach higher.

That’s it, the difference between overhead and floorplate lifts. Now, it’s time to wrap this section up with other details.

 As you can see, the design is pretty much similar to the HW-10KOH. And I believe you already know the dissimilarity. So, I won’t repeat that.

The two main posts or columns come in the classic APlusLift blue. They are made of standard alloy steel. Hence, you can expect it to provide the expected ultimate power.

Again, like the previous model, it can carry up to 10000 lbs. of weight. And the steel build ensures you can do that for a long time.

Without truck adapters, our product can lift to 75 inches (again, same). But with adapters, it’s a bit lackluster.

The previous one could hoist to 85 inches, whereas this one can only go up to 81 inches. There’s no specific reason behind this reduction. But it’s okay since 81 inches is enough height to work under a truck.

The item weighs around 1300 lbs. So, you will need help to install it properly. The installation time solely depends on your expertise.

You can do it in an hour or two if you know what goes where. If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably need a whole day. I think it’s okay if you need a day or two. As long as you set it up right, everything’s fine.

You’ll get an installation guide from the manufacturer. I’ve read it, and it has everything you’ll need. APlusLift wrote the manual with utmost care. Hence, you’ll find the description simple and short.


Suppose you have a heavy ride and always want to be on the safe side. For this, you do not trust 10,000 lbs. lifters. You need something more powerful, more stable, and more long-lasting. Here comes the beast from TRIUMPH called NT-11.


APlusLifts were an upgrade from QuickJack, and this one is an upgrade from APlusLifts. Hence, you’ll get more strength, durability, and overall performance. Okay, it’s time to look at what the beast has inside.

Since NT-11 is another floorplate model, it features everything that you’ve read in the HW-10KBH section. Two support columns, four swing arms, one steel panel attached to concrete, and others. Like in the KBH, the hydraulic lines and power cables go through between the plate or beam.

The items come in dark blue with a classic two-post lift design. It’s made of high-quality alloy steel and finished with a powdered coating, which is a new addition to other products on the list.

As I said previously, alloy steel makes the product rigid, and the powder coating ensures safety from rust, dust, and scratch. Hence, the new touch increases the durability of the product.

The previous models could only lift 10,000 lbs. But this one can hoist up to 11,000 lbs. The extra one thousand pounds allow you to work with a bigger vehicle. Also, it gives you a sense of security if you have a relatively smaller ride.

Till this point, NT-11 has won each area over the APlusLifts. But there’s a part where it falls short compared to others. The section is lifting height. 

It can raise a vehicle to a maximum of 72 inches without adapters. Whereas the others could reach a maximum of 75 inches. With adapters, the piece can add an extra eight to ten inches.

It has a drive-through width of 102 inches, and the distance between the two posts is roughly 112 inches. A truck has a width of 102 inches. So, the gap is on-point.

It’s completely ISO-9001 and CE-certified. ISO-9001 ensures that the product can meet the client’s requirements. And CE-certification means that the item meets all the EU safety regulations.

Other than a few certifications, the product has an automated-lock system. So, you can heft your vehicle and work underneath without any worries. Like the HW, this one also features a safety valve. Hence, no overloading issue.

With NT-11, you don’t have to buy truck adapters and floor anchors separately. The manufacturer gives these for free. However, the price point of the product crosses three thousand USD. So, I’m pretty sure they’re getting their adapter’s money another way around.

Installing and operating the machine is almost similar to HW-10s. Like those, you also get a detailed manual here. If reading is not your forte, seeing videos on YouTube can help you.

Lastly, the item comes with a one-year international warranty. Hence, if anything goes wrong with your purchase, they will fix that for you. Overall, it’s a good product and one of the best two-post car lifts available on the market.


We’ve come to the final product on my list. This is also a two-post version, but a slightly low-profile than the others. Despite being lackluster on some parts, the machine can lift the highest. Let me present to you XK’s L29000 two-post floorplate home garage car lift.

XK L2900 Car Lift

XK, or XINKONG, is one of the USA’s biggest names regarding auto tools. The company has a reputation for making top-tier products at a reasonable rate.

When my research got to this product, I understood why people talk highly about it. By the end of the review, I believe you’ll get why I rate this as one of the best residential garage cars lifts ever.

At first look, it gives a vibe like other floorplate ones but slightly smaller. It comes in a gorgeous light blue color. And for that reason, the yellow swing arms look stunning. Other than that, the cables, power pumps, and motor are all-black.

Inside, it has a regular alloy steel build. There’s no powder coating here for the swing arms or the columns. So, you have to take extra measures to keep these safe from dents and other damages.

The steel build gives our product the required strength to lift about 9,000 lbs. of weight. As I said earlier, it falls short at some points. This is one of those points. But on the bright side, if you own a 9,000 lbs. truck, you don’t have to spend an extra 300$ on bigger car lifts.

Now, the best part of the item. It has a maximum lifting height of 78.6 inches. Which is by far the biggest number on my list. With adapters, it can take ten to eleven inches more. Hence, less weight but more height, even everything up.

The distance between the two posts is 106.3 inches. And the drive-through width is shockingly 99.2 inches. With this number, you can not work with bigger trucks now as they come with 102 inches in width. However, 99.2 inches is still a healthy number, and a long list of vehicles can be found under it.

The columns are not as thick as the HW or NT-11. These are only 11” x 64”. However, the swing arms’ dimension is the same (15” x64”). Since carriage or swing arms do most of the hoisting job, and columns provide support, it’s okay to have a little thinner base.

Regarding safety features, L2900 shines here too. It has a double-point safety lock release, automatic arms lock restraints, and anchor bolts to ensure the carriage remains in its place. The built-in relief valve on the power pump handles overloading.

There’s also an up-limit switch to ensure cylinders remain at a safe length. Also, the self-lubricating nylon slider gives you a smooth carriage up and down. All of this indicates one thing, you don’t have to think about safety. XK’s got your back.

L2900 comes in both 110V and 220V versions. You can choose anyone according to your preference. I will always suggest you go for the 220V one if you ask me.

That’s about it. I’ve covered all five products that I believe are best for a residential garage. The products come in different types, price ranges, and features.

Things to Consider While Searching for the Best Residential Garage Car Lift

Now, suppose you don’t like any of my selected products. You would like to find a car lift for your garage on your own. 

It’s obvious that you have to do all the research and stuff to do this. But as you already know, researching these types of products is difficult and time-consuming.

So, what’s the solution?

The solution is to get some ideas from someone who already did it. Fortunately for you, I’ll be that person. I’ll tell you the sacred tips so that, using those, you can find the best residential garage car lift for yourself. So, let’s hop in.

Residential Garage Car Lifts

Learn the Basics

The first and the most vital task to do before any purchase would be to learn the basics of that product. This also applies when you’re looking for a residential garage car lift. 

By basics, I mean understanding the keywords related to it. The most common keywords in the auto-lifting market are given below.

Load Capacity – It means how much the machine can hoist. The number mainly depends on the product build and strength. Always try to buy a lift that can pull more than your vehicle’s weight.

Lift Height – This indicates the maximum vertical distance that the product can do. If your main purpose is to work underneath a vehicle, you should get one with the highest lift height.

Drive Through Space – The keyword is vital when you’re buying two or four-post lifts. These lifts have a certain amount of space in the middle. So, you can only work with the vehicles that fall under it.

Lift Speed – The term indicates a car lift’s time to hoist its carriage to the maximum lift height. Generally, most car lifts take anywhere between 10 to 50 seconds.

Learn about the Lift Types

If you don’t know about the different types of car lifts, you wouldn’t simply know which one you need. For this reason, it’s important to learn about the lift types. There are several forms of car lifts available on the market. I’ll only discuss the most common types here.

Portable Lifts

Portable Lifts come into play when your first concern is to save maximum space. So, if you have a relatively small garage and cannot offer an extra area for your lift, your choice should be portable.

In the field of auto lifts, the bigger a product is, the more it can heft. As per the rule, portable ones won’t be able to handle big cars and trucks. 

Generally, these types can lift anywhere between seven and eight thousand lbs. In conclusion, these lifts are perfect for you if you have a regular car or an SUV.

Two Post Lifts

As I had plenty of two-post lifts on my list, I believe you already have a rough idea about two-post types. Still, I’ll let you know which kinds of problems these are made to solve in the first place.

These are mainly divided into three parts: the two columns, the beam, and the carriage arms. The carriage arms lift the vehicle while the columns provide adequate support. 

On the other hand, the bar contains all the cables and hydraulic lines, ensuring a continuous power stream.

The beam’s position is essential as it greatly changes the lift’s structure. If it sits on top of the columns, it’s an overhead two-post lift. And if it’s attached to the garage concrete, it’s a floorplate lift.

Floorplate lifts can haul vehicles higher. And it’s better when working with a tall-tired vehicle than the overhead ones. These machines can produce more power and lift higher than the portable versions.

Four Post Lifts

Two-post contains two vertical columns and stuff. Hence, the four-post has four vertical columns. If you’re looking to do some heavy lifting, four posts are the ones that you should go after.

These car lifts can produce immense power and lift more than double what two posts do. Other than that, working with one of these is plainer than working with any other type. That’s why it has a wide clientele.

But there’s a problem with these lifts. The most common problem is that you can’t use a four-post car lift for wheel service. 

You’ll need to put in some extra money to buy sliding bridge jacks to hoist wheels and work underneath. So, I suggest not going after one of these if you don’t have a deep pocket. 

Scissor Lifts

Space is an issue in residential garages. At the same time, picking a car lift that can produce adequate power is crucial. In this situation, scissors lifts come into play. Let me tell you how.

Portable lifts are known for their space-saving quality. But they are a bit lackluster in the power section. On the other hand, two or four-post types possess the necessary power, but these need space to function.

Scissor car lifts can save a lot of space compared to two or four-post lifts and can provide more muscle power than portable ones.

The lift has two base plate platforms. Both platforms have two retractable levers that sit in a zigzag motion. Hence, the name “Scissor” came. Scissor lifts come in portable versions as well.

That’s all about the most common car-lift types. Now that you have enough knowledge about car lifts, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Understand Your Condition

The second step would be to sit and try to understand your condition. By this, I mean that you try to come to a decision solely based on your vehicle type and garage size.

This is simple. See, when you have a small garage, it’s illogical to go for a larger lift. So, you must go for relatively smaller ones, such as portable and scissor lifts. If your vehicle is a bit bigger, then the choice is scissors. Otherwise, you’re left with only portable lifts.

Just like this, getting a four or two-post lift would only be sensible if both your garage and ride are big.

Consider Life Span

Not all car lifts are meant to last the same. Generally, it depends on the model, manufacturer, and usage. Since electronics play an essential part in auto hoists, the exact period of either of the products is unknown.

However, it’s possible to get a rough idea about it by asking the manufacturer. Yes, they’ll surely exaggerate the numbers a bit. In this case, just subtract five years from their said number, and you’ll be close to the original number.

Other than that, the life span depends on maintenance. So, if you can maintain your car lift correctly, it will easily last 20 or 25 years.

Never Compromise the Quality

Let me confess something. I always tend to go after a reasonable item every time I shop. Because I believe if a product can ensure the same performance, but at a lower price, I should get it leaving the costly one.

Following my rule while finding the best residential vehicle lift would be the wrong choice. In other cases, failed reasonable products might not make a big hole in your pocket. In this case, it WILL.

Suppose somehow your vehicle gets damaged because of the “Reasonable” lift you bought earlier. In that case, it’ll dig a hole in your pocket. For this reason, no matter what, always go for the best one.

Public Reviews

Public reviews should be the last layer of the filtering technique. I know it’s the 2020s, and buying online reviews is easier than ever. But you have to understand not every review is fake out there. You just have to know a way to find which one’s fake and which isn’t.

For me, I always do two things to identify an original review. First, If it’s detailed enough and contains a lot of real-life information rather than full of flattery and stuff, it passes the test. 

My second job would be to try to talk with the reviewer. It’s always possible to get in touch with an actual profile.

This way, I find out authentic reviews. However, it’s not like I get it right every time. But I am correct nine out of ten times.

Public reviews are a great way to understand a product deeply. It helps you to picture how a product will perform in real-life problems

Few Tips About Using and Maintaining a Residential Car Lift

Car lifts are powerful and heavy machines. These beasts can heft thousand of pounds in seconds. On top of that, these are also durable. If you ever found a 20 or 25 years old two-post lift for sale, don’t be surprised.

However, these can also face serious damage if not used or maintained correctly. I’m gonna share some of my knowledge on this topic to help you.

  1. Lubricate important joints at least two times: Before and after your work. When you lubricate perfectly, rust never forms. As a result, the machine works beautifully.
  2. Always ensure you’ve read the user manual at least once. Reading a user guide might be boring, but you must do it. This will give you the necessary insights about the product.
  3. Don’t try to exceed the load capacity. Lifting more than the product’s caliber does not end well. Yes, a few hundred pounds here and there won’t be an issue but not a few THOUSANDS.
  4. Try to find a piece with a safety valve. It saves the power pump from overloading. As a result, you’re hundred percent “Electrically” safe.
  5. Before working, check the safety features of your lift. These features make sure you’re safe from all sorts of dangers. If either safety locks, valves, or swing safety aren’t in place, you could be in trouble. So, it’s best to check on these.
  6. A yearly servicing of the whole machine is a good practice. Since a car lift requires different equipment, it’s hard and time-consuming to identify each problem. If you hand over the item to a professional servicing company, it’ll thoroughly examine everything and repair it if necessary.

These are a few tips that you can use to bring the best out of your car lift for a longer course of time. 

Wrapping it Up

A car lift is not just a handy machine but a protection for your vehicle. Generally, it’s safer when you park a vehicle inside the garage. It lessens the pressure on the vehicle’s tires. Hence, the device ensures more body life.

I’ve covered the five best residential garage car lifts in this article. All the mentioned products result from my several years of research and experience.

Looking at the point, I’ve added a buying to help you with your research too. Lastly, the tips on product usage will surely be a big help to you.

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