How Hard is it to Find the Best Jack Stands for Lifted Trucks?

Convenience is the first word that comes to mind when discussing the Best Jack Stands. I find it extraordinary how the little piece of machinery stays in the corner of a garage and does its job perfectly every time.

In this era of the fourth industrial revolution, you’ll get everything on the internet. Hence, finding the best jack stand isn’t that difficult. But it gets much trickier when your ride is modified, especially if it’s a lifted truck.

Lifted trucks are modified, so the body is extra 1 to 3 inches off the ground. Most stands come in standard size. So, you must work extra hard to get the best product.

Finding anything which can be labeled as “The Best” is never easy. Because you need to put a lot of effort and time into research and stuff. Sometimes you had to make one or two wrong purchases to get to the correct one. In short, the whole process requires time, money, and a lot of energy.

This is where the article comes into play. I’ve done full-fledged research on this topic and bought some products for my lifted truck.

Based on this, I’ve made a list containing the best jack stands for lifted trucks. Before I take you to it, I’d like you to know the basics of the product. It’ll help you to understand the product better.

What is a Jack Stand?

Jack Stand is a tool you can use to lift your vehicle and hold it there. These tools are designed to burn off the weight from your ride so that you can easily crawl underneath and do your job. In short, it’s a tool that makes lifting thousands of pounds look easy.

The tool is divided into the Jack itself and the Stand. The first one is responsible for lifting the vehicle, and the other holds it at a certain height. The standing bar comes with an adjusting feature. It gives you the luxury to set it at the required distance.

Usually, jack stands are made of iron, steel, and aluminum. However, some manufacturers combine several metals to develop a stronger alloy. These stands cost more than regular ones.

I categorized such machines into two types: three-legged and four-legged ones. 

As the name suggests, the first type has a three-legged base with a pin-locking system for safety. On the other hand, the four-legged version uses a ratchet-locking feature.

Despite the leg count, both styles offer stability and longevity. The base is strong enough to hold thousands of pounds for at least a decade. Yes, these products can last longer than most of your garage items.

However, four-legged ones are a better option after looking at things more in detail. With these, you have a stable base and better security. Trust me, Ratchet-Lock is way more effective than a lock-pin feature.

These are the basics of a jack stand. Of course, I cannot portray EVERYTHING about a tool in such a short span. You’ll get to know more about it in the Jack Stand Reviews. 

Top 5 Jacks Stands for Lifted Trucks – My Picks

Like most other automobile products, jack stands also have a lot of variations. I can name at least a hundred names that can go with your vehicle. Hence, choosing the best 5 was tough, even for me. However, based on my previous experience and other factors, I’ve selected the top five. Now, let’s get to it.

1. Torin BIG RED T43202

Torin BIG RED T43202

Let’s start with something from one of the biggest auto-lifting manufacturers in the world, Torin. The company has produced a few of the biggest names in the jack stand or lifting industry. BIG RED is one of the sub-brands of Torin. Today, we will talk about its T43202 6-ton Jack Stand.

The design is straightforward with a super glossy all-red look. Generally, all BIG REDs have more or less the same look, so it’s nothing new or unique. The holding bar or ratchet bar comes with a black coating (regular as well). It’s made of cast iron, so black suits here too.

As you can see in the picture, it has a four-legged base. It has a pyramid shape with different cuts between the legs. These ensure maximum stability.

The base is made of standard alloy steel. It feeds the device adequate strength to hold on to 6 tons or 12,000 lbs. The whole machine is made to hold immense weight at a commendable height.

Speaking of height, it can be set at up to 17 inches. And the minimum lift height is 11 inches. Since we’re here to find a product for a modified vehicle, it’s more than okay. The ratchet bar does the main lifting and holding, whereas the base ensures grip and stability.

The top part of the ratchet bar is known as the saddle. It’s concave in shape with a wide surface area for better contact. The curved shape helps the machine to maintain a tight grip so that the whole thing doesn’t fall and injure someone.

The bar has teeth to adjust the stand to different heights. Torin calls it “The Sawtooth Design”. It mainly locks the bad boy to a certain distance without the help of a lock pin or other safety features. In short, the ratchet bar offers you both safety and a lifting job.

If you’re still unsure about its quality, you should know that the product is tested thoroughly and meets the ASME standard. ASME is a globally recognized certification that ensures a product is ready to deliver everything it has promised.

Last but not least, the BIG RED has a dual-purpose handle. It works both as a carry handle and handle-lock. The only negative thing about the product would be its missing lock-pin mechanism. It would’ve offered more safety to your vehicle. However, the ratchet does enough job to hold on to your ride.

Torin T34202 comes 100% ready in the box. You don’t have to weld or do anything engineering with it. All you have to do is to push the black bar inside the base. There’s a user manual inside for a better understanding. It’ll guide you to all the product’s safety rules and operating instructions.

The product comes at just below 50 bucks, and I must say it’s a great price. Looking at all the quality and service its offers, the price is much more reasonable. You won’t find another good piece of machinery at this price.

2. Amazon Basics Steel Jack

Amazon Basics Steel Jack

The second product on my list of jack stands for lifted trucks belongs to AmazonBasics. It’s a private label owned by Amazon that offers all sorts of home goods, tech products, and office supplies.

Luckily, it also sells jack stands. Let me introduce you to AmazonBasic’s Steel Jack Auto Stand. Now, let’s discuss why it should be one of the best jack stands for lifted trucks.

When I saw the product for the first time, one name came to my mind. BIG RED. It has a similar all-red base look with a black ratchet bar. The only difference in their looks is that BIG RED comes with a glossy finish, and Amazon decided to keep it low-key.

The base here is again pyramid-shapes, with similar cuts between its four legs. Amazon did one upgrade in the design, though.

They inserted leg caps this time. As a result, you’ll get better results in terms of stability. Also, it’ll help you to place it on a sandy or uneven surface. However, you should always find a plain surface to work with these products.

Just like the design, the build quality is solid too. The pyramid-shaped base is made of high-quality alloy steel, whereas the ratchet bar has cast iron inside. There’s no coating or rust-free finish this time. Since these products stay inside most of the time, the coating-less options last as long as the others.

All in all, the design-and-build is standard. So, you can expect a lot of power from it, and Amazon doesn’t disappoint. The stand comes into three types: two, three, and six tons. You can choose either one according to your truck’s weight.

Regarding maximum lift height, it’s as good as the BIG RED. The minimum height, aka product peak, is 11 inches, whereas the highest hoisting point is 16 inches. Not the highest, but enough to crawl underneath and do your job.

The black ratchet bar is self-adjustable. So, it locks your truck by itself after reaching the preferred height. It comes with a sawtooth design and has nine teeth in total. The saddle could be clearer. It has a curved shape to ensure your ride is in place. As I said earlier, the form helps maintain a tight grip.

Again, there’s no lock-in or double security feature. Hence, ratchet would be the only one making sure everything’s safe. But there’s a dual-purpose handle. It locks the bar into your preferred position, so everything stays in its place.

The product meets all the recognized safety standards, especially ASME. It has the ASME PASE – 2014 certification. So, it should clear out all of your doubts about the quality. Amazon gives a one-year warranty for it. You can ask for a return if anything goes wrong with your purchase.

In conclusion, the Amazonbasics Steel Jack Stand offers quality, strength, and utmost durability. It has everything a top stand must have. You can buy it any day with closed eyes.

3. Torin T43004

BIG RED T43004 Torin Aluminum Jack

It’s time to give you another Torin. Before you think it’s a marketing article for Torin products, let me clarify something. As I said earlier, Torin is one of the biggest automobile product manufacturers in the world. Hence, the industry is flooded with its products in and out.

As a result, you’ll get more than one in the best product list almost in any genre. With that being said, let’s talk about its T43004 Jack Stand. It belongs to the BIG RED like the previous Torin. Despite coming from the same sub-brand, there’re differences between these two.

I think, at this point, you’ve figured out the main difference. Yes, I’m talking about the design. It’s way too unlike the previous one. This time, you don’t get a pyramid-shaped alloy steel base.

Instead, you have a flat base that comes in aluminum color. This one has no cuts or legs, just a simple flat base.

Another significant design difference is the missing ratchet bar. It has a red tube with a cast aluminum bar inside this time. The bar does the main lifting as you can lock it to the preferred height with a pin-lock. Yes, unlike the first two products, you have a pin-lock feature. But no self-locking.

The base is made of cast aluminum and is fully removable from the stand. Hence, you can remove it for a better storage experience. The aluminum bar has a large saddle too.

It’s not concave-shaped this time. The main saddle surface is flat, but the sides are curved for better contact with your truck. By the looks of it and the build material, it’s safe enough to say the build quality is pretty solid.

Our product can hoist up to 3 tons of weight. This means 3000 lbs. per stand and 6000 lbs. in total. There is no variation available for the item. It has an impressive maximum lift height too. The number goes up to 16 inches. When it comes to the minimum height, it stays the same at 11 inches.

The aluminum bar inside the red tube has different holes indicating different heights. You can choose according to your preference. You already know there’s a lock-pin to do the main safety job. So, you have to put the pin into the correct hole to hold your vehicle up.

Like the previous two products, it also comes with a few certifications. It meets the ASME standards to ensure reliability and safety.

Okay, I believe I’ve covered all the good parts of the product. Unluckily, it has some negative sides too. To begin with, the chain of the lock-pin is way too short. I always feel discomfort using it. And the second bad thing is its price. Yes, it’s damn expensive.

The whole thing comes at more than 100 bucks. For now, it will cost you 112 US Dollars, to be precise. I know the whole thing’s made of aluminum which is more expensive than cast iron or alloy steel. Still, it’s way too much for a 3-ton stand.

To sum up, the Torin T43004 offers top-notch quality, supreme stability, and longevity. Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but it has quality. If you don’t have a budget issue, you can choose it as your jack stand any day.

4. Powerbuilt 620471

Powerbuilt 620471

The fourth product is different from the conventional jack stands. As you can see in the picture, it’s a combination of a jack stand and a hydraulic bottle jack. Hence, it ensures a better result in terms of lifting.

The product belongs to the Powerbuilt Tools. Again, one of the renowned automobile product manufacturers. Let’s unveil its 602471 all-in-one bottle jack and jack stand.

I was fascinated from the very first moment when I came to know the product. The concept seemed cool to me. We all know jack stands and bottle jacks are two different tools.

Their purpose is the same – to lift – but they belong to two distinct groups. So, I found the idea of putting these two into one unique product.

Now, let’s understand why Powerbuilt made my list.

Since I’ve discussed its design much earlier, I won’t repeat those. The base and most of the product come in an all-black look. The pyramid-shaped part of the jack stand has four legs, and the lifting bar goes inside it.

It’s not a ratchet bar this time. The bar functions mostly like the third product. Three holes are inside it, and a pin goes into the holes from different heights.

The bottle jack is situated just beside the stand. It pushes the saddle bar to go up with the help of hydraulic pressure. As a result, you can easily adjust your lift height after locking the pin in your preferred vertical distance.

The jack stands and the bottle jack is placed on top of a plane surface plate. As a result, you get sink protection. You will be fine if you place the item on a softer surface. So, superb security and stability all around.

Powerbuilt made the product with high-quality metallic fiber. Some of the parts, such as the lifting bar and the bar hole, are made of cast iron. Hence, it offers adequate lifting power to work with trucks and all.

Now, let me tell you the best thing about the machine. It has a maximum lifting height of 21 inches. Which is by far the highest number on the list up till now. The extra four or five inches is possible because of the bottle jack’s hydraulic power.

620471 comes in two variants: 2-ton and 3-ton. The 2-ton or 4,000 lbs. of maximum load one comes for around 75 bucks. Whereas the other one costs just above 80 USD. It’s not the cheapest, but not an expensive one either. Looking at its quality, I believe it’s a value-for-money product.

At first look, it seems like a complex machine. But in reality, it’s the easiest of all. There’s a user manual in the box to help you around. It’s certainly the best choice if you’re looking for a product that can lift more than 20 inches easily.

5. Pro-Lift T-6903D

Pro-Lift T6903D

Let’s finish the article off with something from the very well-known Pro-Lift. Just like BIG RED, Pro-Lift is another big name in the industry. It has a healthy number of regular users and admirers. So, without wasting more time, let me introduce the Pro-Lift T-6903D.

The design of the product, at first look, is pretty BIGRED-like. I mean, it has the same pyramid-shaped base with the same cuts between the four legs. Moreover, the dual-purpose handle and the ratchet bar look the same in shape.

If you paint the base from gray to red and the bar from red to black, you’ll face difficulties distinguishing between the two.

The build material is the same too. Alloy steel covered the base, and cast iron was used for the ratchet bar. There’s no rust-free finish or coating on this one too. So, be careful using it outside of your garage. You have to take proper care to ensure longevity.

Overall, it’s a well-built product. I’ve seen a lot of jack stands with poor welding. But this one comes clean and straight. In most cases, you’ll start to find uneven joints after one or two years. Many users of the product, and I didn’t find any for this product.

There’s an old saying, WITH GREAT BUILD QUALITY, COMES GREAT LIFTING HEIGHT. The saying is partially true for the product. Let me tell you why. 

The product can pull a truck up to 16.75 ~ 17 inches. It’s great but not the highest. Hence, the saying is partially true. The minimum height, aka product height, is just above 11 inches. It’s okay since we’re dealing with lifted trucks.

Pro-Lift’s T series products come in three variations: 2-ton, 3-ton, and 6-ton. This one is the 3-ton version, meaning you’ll get to hoist 6,000 lbs. Generally, it’s an ideal product for auto, truck, and shop usage.

Okay, one negative thing about it would be the missing leg pads. The babies would’ve been helpful on softer and uneven surfaces. But the DUAL SECURITY would be the plus point here.

There’s a lock-pin feature along with the auto ratchet bar locking this time. I know you’ll tell me that the ratchet bar is enough to self-lock and hold a truck up. Yes, it’s enough. But the lock pin makes it 200% secure. Now, you won’t have a single doubt regarding safety.

The ratchet bar is similar to all other ratchet bars. It features a sawtooth design for different heights. The self-locking system locks itself into the preferred position as soon as you set it.

Last but not least, the Pro-Lift stand packs a couple of globally recognized certifications. It exceeds the ANSI/PLAD standards. So, there’s no question about its reliability and stability.

It has a one-year warranty. So, you can use it if anything goes wrong with your purchase. And all of these come at only 40 bucks.

In the end, looking at all the qualities and features it offers, this is one of the best jack-stands for lifted trucks or any other vehicle under 3 tons. The market value of the product is competitive too. So, it won’t be a bad deal for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Jack Stand

Finding the best in anything is dull, time-consuming, and long. I had previous experience with Jack Stands. For that reason, coming up with a list of the best jack stands for lifted trucks wasn’t that difficult.

However, it wasn’t easy for me when I started my quest. I had to make my own rules and apply those while surfing the web.

Some of the rules went well, and some didn’t. So, after doing a crisscross, I finally devised a strategy to select my product. To this date, I consider those factors before finalizing a product. The above list is also a byproduct of the technique. Let’s see some of those below.

Jack Stands for Lifted Trucks

Look at the Build Quality

Build quality generally depends on the material, coating, and welding of a jack stand. Since the actual job of a stand is to deal with immense weight, it should be strong and sturdy. Otherwise, a poor slip would cost much more than you could imagine. There are cases of serious injury, even death.

Now, what should be the material to produce one of the best jack stands? Generally, most manufacturers use alloy steel and cast iron to make these. However, there are some aluminum-made stands available in the market too.

Both alloy steel and high-quality aluminum are more than okay good for a stand. These are easy to get and cast into the right shape and size. Since aluminum is more expensive than steel, aluminum stands are a bit costlier.

There are stands available in the market made of cheap iron. Try to stay out of those. Make sure your product has the highest possible material inside. So, the first thing to consider while buying a jack stand should be to look at the build material. Because the better the matter, the better the quality.

Maximum and Minimum Lifting Height

Okay, you got some products on the wish list with the best possible build material. Now, it’s time to filter out some depending on their minimum and maximum lifting height. So, what is the “Minimum and Maximum” lifting height?

Maximum height refers to how much vertical distance a jack stand can cover. And the minimum height is the product’s height. This means how much lifted your vehicle should be in the primary stage. In simpler words, maximum height is the stand’s highest lifting capacity, and minimum height is how tall the product is.

So, why is it important? In the case of maximum lifting height, it’s pretty obvious. More height will give you extra space to crawl underneath and do your job. But minimum height is also a vital point.

If your vehicle is 13 inches tall from the ground, it won’t fit a jack stand with 14 inches of minimum height. So, try to be extra careful when looking for one of these. Always try to find products where the minimum height is as less as possible, and the maximum height is as much as possible.

Product Weight

Jack stands are a great and convenient alternative to car lifts. There are some huge reasons why people decide to buy a jack stand over an auto lift. And one of those reasons is storage and handling capacity. See, auto lifts take up huge space. On top of that, these are challenging to manage and store.

On the other hand, you can place a jack stand anywhere in your house, garage, or storeroom. However, suppose you buy a heavy jack stand, and it’s difficult for a regular person to carry around. In that case, it fails to provide one of its biggest advantages.

For this reason, always go for lighter stands. Manufacturers put item weight in the details section. Check and cancel the heaviest on the first draft. Aluminum ones are more lightweight than steel ones. So, getting those instead of others provides easy storage and handling.

Safety Features

When dealing with thousands of pounds, you must check for safety each time. Three parts of a jack stand to ensure security: Saddle, Ratchet Bar, and Lock-Pin. It’s always better to have a stand that features all.

As I’ve said earlier, the saddle is the top part of a stand. Some saddles come into the plane surface, and some are curved. You should go for the second one for a better grip. However, a planar surface with bordered sides also works fine.

Some stands have ratchet iron bars, and some have an iron bar with a pin-locking system. There Are some which have ratchet bars and lock-pin for double security. I personally like the last one. Who doesn’t want extended security, eh?

Find Reasonably Priced Jack Stands, But Not Cheap

Quality is the main thing in automobile products. If you want to get a product in this industry with the utmost quality, you have to spend some money. So, don’t hold back when you’re trying to find the best possible jack stand.

However, the other side of the discussion would encourage you to look for a reasonable option. The best thing about budget-friendly products is that these aren’t low-key. These also come with the top features, power, and durability but at a lower price.

So, if you’re looking for a budget stand, find a reasonable one, but it should not be cheap.

Consider What People Are Saying About The Product

The last stage of the filtering product should depend on public opinion. This “Public” can be someone from your family, a friend, your neighbor, or even random dudes from the internet.

In this deep fake era, it’s hard to trust somebody on the web. But if you look closely and talk thoroughly, you’ll be able to find vital information. Social media and internet forums would be very much helpful in this case.

The best thing here would be to talk to someone with personal experience. Maybe, one of your car-enthusiast friends, or a mechanic, etc. These tiny details will help you to decide which jack stand you want at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even with comprehensive reviews and a detailed buying guide, people will have a bunch of questions about Jack Stands for Lifted Trucks. This is why I’ve decided to answer some of their common questions in this part of the article. I’ll expand the section as more questions come in!

Which weight range of jack stands should I go for my lifted truck?

There is no specific answer to this question. Because it solely depends on your lifted truck’s weight and how tall it is from the ground. Generally, a 3-ton or a 6-ton jack stand would be perfect for hoisting a lifted truck.

What should be the ideal cost of a quality 3-ton jack stand?

It varies from company to company. The cost of a jack stand also depends on the build material. However, if you have 70 to 80 USD in your pocket, you could get one of the best 3-ton jack stands.  

Do manufacturers make special jack stands for lifted trucks?

No, they don’t. Manufacturers don’t make customized jack stands. They have different sets of products for different vehicles. So, you have to choose one of those depending on your vehicle weight and other factors.  

Is a 3-ton jack stand enough to lift a truck?

Yes, a 3-ton jack stand is enough to lift a truck. 3 tons mean 6,000 lbs. So, a 3-ton jack stands can easily hoist a 6,000 lbs. truck. For this reason, if your truck’s weight is in this range, there won’t be any problem lifting it.

Do I need a taller jack stand for my lifted truck?

In most cases, you don’t need a taller jack. You need a jack stand that can lift your truck at least 16 inches from the ground. Instead of looking at the product’s height, look at its maximum lifting height. 

Which is the best way to maintain a jack stand?

You can make a list of things to maintain your jack stand. The first would be to check the welding lines after each use. Following that, always keep it out of the water or sun. And lastly, make sure you dismantle it properly after each use. These three practices will boost your stand’s longevity. 

The Final Words

Lifted or any modified vehicle is the best for many things. But as soon as you upgrade it, your ride becomes less regular. Or a good word would be uncommon here. Hence, finding something for a unique vehicle is difficult.

The above was all about making this difficult much easy. I’ve given you a list of the best five jack stands for lifted trucks. The list is solely based on my previous experience and other factors.

In the later part of the article, I discussed what you should consider while buying a jack stand. Lastly, I finished it with some of the most frequently asked questions. I hope this has been an informative read for you.

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