How Big of a Floor Jack Do I Need

How Big of a Floor Jack Do I Need? – I Documented My Answer!

We can’t answer this in simple words.

There are a few factors that you should take into consideration and look into specific needs to ensure you are choosing the right floor jack. Apart from weight and lifting height, you may also need to consider the type of jack.

Want to know which floor jack you specifically need? This article will help you. Here, you’ll first learn about the factors determining the correct type of floor jack and then identify the ideal one among all the options. So, stay tuned until the end.

How To Find the Ideal Floor Jack Size?

Floor jacks come in different sizes. Fortunately, there are some common standard sizes. Such floor jacks will not only meet your needs, but they are also easy to find.

Here’s a list of all the standard sizes of floor jacks you may need:

  • 2-ton floor jack.
  • 3-ton floor jack.
  • 4-ton floor jack.
  • 6-ton floor jack.
  • 10-ton floor jack.
  • 12-ton floor jack.
  • 20-ton floor jack.

Which one of these floor jacks do you need? The answer depends on the weight capacity you require, the desired lifting height, the type of jack, and any additional safety features. Check out these factors below.

How Big of a Floor Jack Do I Need

Weight Capacity of The Floor Jack:

As you already know, weight capacity is the primary difference among floor jacks. And, as it should be, a floor jack with a higher weight capacity, costs more.

If you only need the floor jack to lift your car, check how much your vehicle weighs and get the floor jack accordingly. However, suppose you have multiple vehicles to lift. In that case, investing in a floor jack with the highest weight capacity is a brilliant idea.

This way, you can lift any vehicle or object regardless of weight.

But how do you determine the weight capacity you should aim for? Just follow the 3/4 rule. It’s simple. Multiply the weight of your car by 3/4. In other words, if your vehicle weighs 3.5 tons, you need a floor jack with a weight capacity of at least 2.7 tons.

Maximum Lifting Height of The Floor Jack:

Sometimes you only need to raise your car high enough to crawl underneath. However, you may have other lifting needs where you want the object to be much higher from the ground.

Consider your requirements. If you need to access specific components under your vehicle that require significant clearance, ensure the floor jack can reach the desired height. 

Structure and Type of the Jack:

A floor jack comes in different structures with similar functionality. Hydraulic jacks and scissor jacks are the most popular options.

Scissor jacks are commonly used for smaller vehicles for emergency tire changes. You can easily keep one of these in the back of your car. 

Hydraulic jacks, on the other hand, are commonly used for larger vehicles. These floor jacks tend to have higher weight capacities and the strength to lift vehicles more efficiently.

Mandatory Safety Features:

Although floor jacks are built to make lifting easy, a cheap one can lead to accidents. One person had a fatal accident after a car jack slipped only a few months ago.

This is why it’s essential to make sure your floor. Jack is equipped with a suitable weight capacity and has a robust build. The stand must be stable to stay still on all surfaces. Having overload protection and locking mechanisms is mandatory.

No matter which floor jack you choose, these safety features should be at the top of your priority list.

How Big of a Floor Jack Do I Really Need?

As I said earlier, the weight capacity and target lifting height are the main factors determining the right floor jack option. Are you looking for a floor jack for a car, SUV, or truck? No matter what you have, you’re about to find out what you need.

Right Floor Jack for a Car:

An average car can weigh anything between 1.5 tons to a little over 2 tons. If you have a four/five-seater car, get a floor jack with a weight capacity of at least 2.5 tons. It’s even better if the floor jack has a capacity of around 3 tons.

A floor jack with a weight capacity of 1.5 tons to 1.75 tons should be sufficient for smaller cars. Don’t get a larger floor jack if your car is small or you won’t have enough room in the car for the floor jack.

You can find the exact weight of your car in the owner’s manual.

Truck Needs Bigger Floor Jacks:

A truck can weigh between 2 to 3.5 tons. However, trucks are different from cars. Due to their larger size and length, the weight is distributed differently compared to compact vehicles.

This is where you need to follow the 3/4 rule. In my experience, the heaviest truck that can be lifted by a floor jack weighs around 5 tons. According to the 3/4 rule, this truck requires a floor jack with a weight capacity of 4 tons. To be safe, it’s better to get a 4-ton floor jack.

However, as with cars, it’s a good idea to get a floor jack with a larger weight capacity than the requirement.

What About SUV?

SUVs are probably problematic. They are heavier than a regular car but lighter than a truck. Usually, they weigh around 1.5 tons. You will need a floor jack with at least a 1-ton capacity for these SUVs.

However, an SUV can weigh as much as 3 tons. In this case, you will need a floor jack to lift at least 2.5 tons.

If you have the most significant SUV, it weighs around 8.5 tons. Such extreme cases demand the sturdiest floor jack. For example, this SUV needs a floor jack with a weight capacity of at least 6.5 tons. It’s much better and safer if the floor jack can carry 7 tons with ease.

Fortunately, as SUVs provide huge open spaces, having such a large floor jack around won’t be much of a problem.

My Last Thoughts on the Topic at Hand

No one wants their car to break down, but it’s inevitable. No matter how careful you are, your vehicle will sometimes encounter difficulties.

Tackling these instances doesn’t have to be tricky if you are appropriately prepared. And for the proper preparation, you need the right tool. Fortunately, if you have thoroughly read this article, you know at least which floor jack suits you.

Now, just grab the tool with all the needed features and keep it near your car. Be sure to take time before finalizing your decision because your safety is also a huge concern here.

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