The Best 6-Ton Jack Stands: Perfect Tools for Your Home Garage

Jack Stands gives you the luxury to lift a vehicle and work underneath. When it comes to a lifting job, car lifts always come to mind. And a lot of people believe that only these can do the job. But, in reality, a jack stand is enough to do all the hoisting.

These products have a lot of benefits. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, is that it takes minimum space and does the required job properly. On top of that, you can buy one of these for under 100 bucks. So, planning to have one in your garage is always a good option.

Like all automobile products, this one comes out with many options. Hence, finding the perfect piece is often tough and time-consuming at the same time. This is where this article comes to play.

I’ve made the article with full-fledged discussions on the best 6-ton jack stands available on the market.

Other than that, I’ve ensured each product is picked based on vital factors such as public reviews, personal experience, product quality, price, etc. Let’s get on with the awaited list without wasting any more time.

5 Best 6-ton Jack Stands Available On The Market – My Picks

As I mentioned above, the list is properly based on some factors, such as reviews, personal experience, and others. I’ll talk briefly about these in the later part of the article.

For now, I’ve picked 5 of the best products from a few hundred. Fewer products will keep you out of confusion and make things easy for you to decide.

1. Big Red T46202, 6-ton (12,000 Lb) Jack Stand

The first product on my list belongs to the well-known automobile company BIG RED. The manufacturer is known for making the best products at affordable rates. I’ve selected its T46202 model because it has adequate power, durability, and other handy features that go well with most people.

Now, it’s time for us to go into details of the bad boy.

BIG RED T46202, 6-TON (12,000 LB) JACK STAND

As you can see in the above picture, the product has a classic BIG RED construction with a shiny all-red design. Since jack stands come in pairs, you’ll get two jacks here too.

The identical jacks have four legs to provide a solid balance. The base has the necessary cuts in the middle for distributing the vehicle’s weight between the legs.

About the build, the product is fully made of standard alloy steel. Hence, you get the perfect 6-ton lifting capability. The polished exterior also ensures zero damage from rust and corrosion. In short, the steel-made product is both sturdy and durable.

It’s time for the most vital question, how much lifting height can it produce? Well, the maximum lifting height T46202 can provide is 23.8 inches which can round up to 24 inches. I know. It’s nothing against two or four post lifts. But the number is quite standard for a jack stand.

The purpose of a jack stand is to lift the vehicle as quickly as possible to do some routine checks. In this sense, the lifting capability of the product is more than okay. Also, the item meets ASME safety standards. Hence, you can rely upon it to hoist 12,000 lbs. without any problem.

The item itself weighs less than 30 pounds. As a result, it’s easier for you to store, maintain, and work with it. On top of that, it’s a ready-made product. So, you don’t have to set, wield, or screw anything. All you have to do is to put the ratchet bar and lock pin into their place, and it’s ready to go.

Our little piece of machinery has a ratchet bar that mainly takes the whole weight of a vehicle. It has a curved saddle to match the round shapes underneath. Also, the concave shape offers better security than the flat one.

Each jack has a dual-purpose handle to work as a carry handle and saddle column release. Lastly, the lock pin ensures the whole base stays at a certain height. If you don’t put the lock pin correctly, it can cause damage to your vehicle and you. So, it’s important.

BIG RED provides a comprehensive user manual to handle and maintain the product perfectly. It’s easy and full of micro details. Reading this will clear out all the confusion regarding the product. Other than that, there are a lot of YouTube videos on proper usage that you can check out.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty for the product. It gives you the luxury to return the product if something goes wrong with your purchase.

2. TCE AT46002u, 6 Ton (12,000 Lbs) Capacity Jack Stands

Torin Commercial Equipment, aka TCE, is a sister company of the well-known manufacturer Torin Automotives. In fact, the previous product from BIG RED is also a sister company. Since TCE and BIG RED belong to the same company, their products have similarities too.


For the second product, I’ve picked TCE’s AT46002U with a 6-ton lifting capacity. It has all the qualities to be one of the best 6-ton jack stands. Let’s dive deep and know about the product.

At first glance, the TCE will seem like a bluish carbon copy of the BIG RED. It has the same pyramid base and four legs. Even the cuts between the legs are similar. As a result, it offers the same quality and steadiness in action.

The whole construction is made of alloy steel, which ensures it lifts anything less than 12,000 lbs. Another remarkable side of the product is its machined exterior. It adds durability and extra strength to the product. The extra bit of power helps the piece to lift higher.

It can hoist up to 24 inches, the same as the previous one could lift. Hence, it’s a similar choice to the previous one. The height will give you enough room to work underneath. This way, you don’t have to rely on the tall tires of your vehicle.

Moving on, the safety features in the TCE are more than impressive. It has a double-lock security that increases your safety by 200%. The lock-pin mechanism here is more advanced than the BIG RED. Another great thing about the product is that it’s fully ASME-certified. Hence, it gets full marks on security.

Like the first one, it also features a dual-purpose handle. As a result, you get to use it both as a carry bag and saddle release. The saddle has a large surface area (concave) for better hold. The curved shape helps it grab your vehicle’s bottom tightly, so it stays up.

There’s one ratchet bar for each jack for the main lifting job. Here the bar is made of forged iron and has an all-black exterior. For better usability, it has self-locking and multi-positioning features. The bar is divided into different levels. You can adjust to your required height with the help of the dual-purpose handle.

Once you’ve reached the required height, it’ll automatically lock itself into the position. Using the locking pin now will ensure double safety. As you can see, the pin is optional to increase security. The ratchet bar will stay in its position if you don’t use the pin.

Lastly, Torin offers two years of manufacturer’s warranty. And for a better understanding of the product, it gives you a user manual with the item. Looking at it will answer most of your basic questions.

In conclusion, excluding lifting height, the AT46002U has adequate power, durability, and security. So, it can go down as one of the best 6-ton jack stands.

3. Pro-Lift Heavy Duty 6 Ton Jack Stands Pair

It’s time to give you something other than Torin. For this reason, I bring you another well-known company called Pro-Lift. It makes one of the best products in the industry. Hence, the heavy-duty 6-ton jack stand will bring an A-game to your lifting scene.


The previous two products were almost similar, from build to design. The main differences were their color and lifting height. With a few modifications here and there, this product looks similar. However, the color profile of Pro-Lift is the best among the three.

Rather than going for the all-same color like Torin, Pro-Lift went for unconventional gray and red colors. The bright red ratchet bar looks dope on top of the grey base.

The base has a classic pyramid shape that consists of four legs. Yes, the distance between each leg and cuts is identical to others.

Pro-Lift used sturdy stamped steel construction to build the product. As a result, a single stand can easily lift up to 6,000 lbs. The pair can 12,000 lbs., which means 6 tons altogether. The polished exterior ensures it lasts longer. Hence, the overall build is strong, steady, and durable.

The bright red ratchet bar is made of high-quality ductile iron. All of the rigid builds of each part of the machinery can lift a maximum of 16 inches. Again, it excels in the field of lifting height, just like the previous one.

The bar has a concave shape upwards to get a better hold of the vehicle. It’s better than square shapes to avoid accidents. Also, it has a self-lock or self-adjust mechanism. For this reason, the bar sticks to a position after adjusting to your preferred height.

There’s a lock pin for extra safety. If you put it in position, it will hold onto the bar. Hence, it will not lose grip, and you won’t face any accidents. All in all, the security features of this item are as impressive as they should be.

Lastly, there’s a dual-purpose handle to maintain everything precisely. You can adjust the ratchet bar with it. The pin lock is just beside the handle. So, it’s easier to adjust the stand and secure it simultaneously.

If you’re still worried about security, you should know that the Pro-Lift exceeds ANSI/PALD standards. These are one of the highest safety standards in the USA. There’s nothing to worry about.

The product comes with full-ready to go in action. You don’t have to find time to set it up. All you have to do is to put the ratchet bar inside the base. In most cases, the dealers sent this one as ready also. Hence, no work for you.

The manufacturer sends a user manual along with the product for your better understanding. However, you can call and ask them about anything that bothers you. The two-year insurance gives you two years of free servicing if needed.

Overall, the Pro-Lift 6-ton heavy-duty jack stand has everything to like. It’s a recommendation for you any day.

4. OTC S06, 6-Ton Jack Stand

OTC is one of the biggest manufacturers of vehicle electronic diagnostic equipment. It became a Bosch brand in 2012 and spread wider. OTC supplies products to more than 150 countries and has more than 18,000 associates.

The numbers will help you to imagine how well their products are. For this reason, I’ve selected its “S06” jack stands as the fourth product.


At first glance, it has a very basic 6-ton-jack-stand look. The same pyramid base with a long ratchet bar and a dual-purpose handle. Since you’ve gone through the above three products, you should find one missing piece. It’s the lock pin.

Yes, the product has no locking pin for your double safety. A negative point to begin with.

The solid pyramid base is wider than the first three products. Hence, more stability and rigidness are confirmed. However, you must always place it on a flat surface. Laying it on an uneven floor might result in serious injury or accident.

The cuts between the four legs are also different this time. There are also welded foot pads this time to ensure better balance and resist sinking into soft grounds or asphalt. It’s a good touch by OTC. I believe OTC tried to even out the missing lock pin through it.

The bright OTC blue looks vibrant on the base. And grey ratchet bar puts great contrast on the overall product. For me, this is one of the best color combinations ever. The base also has a durable baked enamel finish. It saves corrosion and other sorts of damage and ensures longevity.

About the build, it’s constructed with high-quality welded alloy steel. The ratchet bar is also made of top-quality iron. Hence, you won’t find any problem lifting 6-ton vehicles. The sturdy construction will not only hoist your ride but also hoist it for a longer time.

The top part of the ratchet bar, aka saddle, has a concave shape for better grip. Since flats are not that good to hold, a curvy top is best. The bar has a self-lock mechanism to grab into a certain height. It has 11 teeth altogether for adjustment and a maximum lift height of 16 inches.

As I said earlier, there’s no locking pin this time. But the self-locking bar with 11 teeth is enough to hold the load for the required time. The teeth are made of long research. As a result, it fits most vehicles. The dual-purpose handle here also does the adjustment job.

Like all the best products, this one also passed all the standard safety ratings before entering the market. It meets both ASME and PASE-2019 safety ratings for jack stands.

Since these two ratings are the highest ones, you can easily give your trust to OTC.

According to the manufacturer, it’s an ideal machine for step vans, vocational trucks, and smaller heavy-duty vehicles. If you own any of these, this should be your ultimate choice.

OTC provides a limited lifetime warranty for this item. Hence, nothing to worry about if anything gets wrong with your purchase.

5. ARCAN ALJS6, 6-Ton Jack Stand

Okay, we’ve come to the last item on the list. This one belongs to the very famous manufacturer, ARCAN Tools. It goes by the name ALJS6 and has the same capability as all the previous items. It exceeds at some points. Let’s unwrap the product and understand why I think it’s one of the best 6-ton Jack Stands.


The pyramid-shaped base gives our item a classic 6-ton stand look. However, the cuts between the four legs are a bit wider this time. The base comes with polished black color where the ratchet bar is neon green. I don’t know if it’s me or something else, but the neon green gives me a premium vibe.

Moving on, the build is again high-quality alloy steel. And when it comes to the green ratchet bar, it’s made of top-notch industry iron. As a result, the machine has offered you the best service for years. The total dimension of the base is 12.65 x 10.9 x 18.5 inches. You can imagine how well-wide it is.

There is no enamel coating for this one. However, it does have a polished exterior. Hence, relief from corrosion, rust, and others. In conclusion, the overall build of the item is durable, rigid, and strong.

Well, the most disappointing part of this beautiful product is its lift height. Like the BIG RED, it can go up only 24 inches. Since the minimum height is 15.5 inches, you get roughly 9 inches of vertical lift. The number is a bit disappointing, but it’s all right since you’re using it as a quick fix.

About lifting, most of the hoisting job does the ratchet bar, whereas the pyramid base supports it. The bar has a curved saddle on top where the vehicle’s panel rail sits. As you already know why it’s in a concave shape in place of a square, I won’t repeat it.

The bar also has to adjust teeth for various heights. The teeth are made in such a way that they can fulfill most of your height requirements. It also has a self-locking feature. As a result, when you set on to a certain height, it’ll lock itself into that position. Like all other 6-ton jack stands, this one also has a dual-purpose handle. It helps you to adjust the ratchet bar and carry it at the same time.

It’s a shame that you’re not getting a lock-pin mechanism with the product. I know the self-adjusting ratchet bars are enough to hold your vehicle. But the pin would’ve doubled the security. ARCAN has foot pads for better stability.

Lastly, you can get the product at a reasonable price for a great jack stand like this one. So, all in all, ARCAN ALJS6 has everything a person searches for in a jack stand. It can provide you with power, stability, and durability. It’s one of the best 6-ton jack stands at this price point.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Jack Stand

As I said earlier, I’ve made a list depending on many factors. Those factors helped me to get to the right products. In this section, I’m gonna talk briefly about those factors. I believe, at the end of this section, you’ll be able to research and select a jack stand by yourself.

Best 6-Ton Jack Stands

Know The Basics About A Jack Stand

The first thing you have to do before buying a jack stand is you must know the product in and out. This starts with understanding the basic terms or keywords that float around the jack industry. These will give you the necessary knowledge about the product.

Load Capacity – Every jack stand has a maximum weight-lifting capability. Yes, it can lift something much more than the number. But it’s safe to live under the maximum weight. This is known as the load capacity. Generally, for jack stands, the capacity is represented in tons. In most cases, jack stands come in a 3-ton lifting capacity and higher.

Maximum Height – Like the load capacity, every jack has a maximum height-lifting capability. This is also known as lift height. Unlike the load capacity, you can’t add extra inches here. So, in this case, you must stick to the maximum number. The maximum height of different jack stands can vary from 10 to 16 to 20 inches.

Minimum Height – Minimum height generally defines the altogether product height. If it is 15 inches for a jack stand, the stands will only fit the vehicle with at least 15 inches of space below.

Dimensions – Knowing the dimensions of different parts, like the base and saddle, is vital. Because if you have a wide base, you will get more stability and balance.

Other than these terms, you should also be familiar with the construction material of the stands. However, knowing the above terms will give you enough information.

Understand Your Requirements

Knowledge about basic terms will help you to understand products. The next step is to figure out what your requirements are. Let me tell you what this means.

Suppose, you want a jack stand that will help you lift your vehicle occasionally. To do this, buying a regular one will be more than enough. So, if you buy an expensive jack here, it’ll be a total waste.

Or, your ride weighs 10,000 lbs. Suppose you buy anything less than 10,000 lbs. of maximum load capacity. In that case, it’ll turn out to be dangerous for you and your vehicle. That’s why choosing a stand according to your requirements is necessary.

Figure out the basic things about a jack stand, such as load capacity, lift height, minimum height, your budget, etc., and see which one goes best with you.

Selecting The Type

There are different types of jack-stands out there on the market. These are divided based on weight. If a product has a maximum lift height of 3 tons, each of the stands can take up to 1.5 tons and 3 tons altogether.

Generally, jack stands come into 3, 6, 10, 12, 18, and 22-ton types. If you don’t own a ride that goes over 10 or 12 tons, you should go for the 6-ton one. And this should go on depending on your vehicle’s weight.

Most stands can hoist the same height despite their load capacity. So, this factor doesn’t help divide the type.

Find The Most Durable One

The load capacity or lift height is a vital factor. But at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how years the product stays with you. Hence, finding the one with the highest durability should be one of the priorities.

Durability mainly depends on the construction and exterior coating of the product. Most of the stands use alloy steel in the base and polished exterior.

Some of the products do not contain polished or any form of finish. You should try to avoid these types because, with the coating, they will only last in the short run.

So, for utmost durability and longevity, it’s important to get a stand with super-quality construction and the best coating.

Quality Over Price

Who doesn’t like to save some money while purchasing? Everybody does. I’ve always believed that getting an item of the same quality at a lower price is the right way to shop. But it’s important to know whether you’re sacrificing product quality in the process or not.

Hence, you must spend that much money if you have to pay a little extra for a better piece. Because choosing quality over price is always the right option to do. It saves you both time and money.

Get The One With The Best Security Features

Security features are one of the most important factors in a jack stand. See, the machine’s job is to lift your heavy vehicle so that you can crawl underneath and do your job. If anything goes wrong here, it will lead to a big accident, which you don’t want.

Generally, most of the stands come with standard security features. However, having extra protection in your product is always a good thing. I would always choose one with the lock-pin mechanism.

The ratchet bar’s teeth are enough to hold onto a certain weight. But the lock-pin gives 200% assurance that everything won’t fall down. For this reason, you should grab a jack stand with the best safety features.

See What People Discussing Both On And Offline

It’s always better to learn about a product on the internet if you have less knowledge about it. Yes, I know that the web often provides misinformation and fakes everything out. But if you search thoroughly, you’ll surely get the correct data.

To do that, you can look into different forums and blog pages. Look what people are saying about a specific product. Facebook groups and subreddits can also be very helpful here.

Another best thing to do here is to read online reviews. Filter out all the reviews that sound like testimonials and read the original ones. In most cases, authentic reviews contain pictures of their purchase.

Lastly, ask your friends and family. This is the most trusted way to get reviews. Gather all the intel from everywhere and summarize up to go for selected ones.

That’s about it. If you keep in mind the above factors, you’ll surely get your hands on the best-ever jack stands on the market. The tricks helped me in my process. I believe these will help you too.

A Few Tips On How To Use A Jack Stand?

Jack stands are something that you have to use carefully. On bad slip can turn out to be very costly. For this reason, you should follow some tips to use it attentively. Following a few tips can also ensure you get the most out of the product.

In this section, I’m gonna share some useful techniques that you should practice with your jack stand regularly.

I don’t know which type of vehicle you’ll lift using the product. But you must take some precautions before crawling underneath. For instance, always wear safety glasses and mechanical gloves. Safety glasses will save your eye from all sorts of dirt, whereas gloves will provide you with a better grip. Also, it’ll help you to maintain hygiene.

Every jack stand has a maximum weight capacity. It can lift more than a specific number. However, doing this regularly is not a good practice. Yes, you won’t find any problem in the first few days. But you will start to find it after some time. It’s better to always use a jack stand than exceeds your vehicle’s weight by at least a thousand pounds. This way, the product will last much longer.

Working on a smooth and flat surface is a must. If your garage floor is bumpy, you’ll have to repair it as soon as possible. Working in these circumstances has a high chance of your vehicle moving. And this could result in something unpleasant.

Wheel chocks are your last hope to stop damage (if something goes wrong). These babies will pause your vehicle from moving. Hence, you’ll be able to work safely.

Last but not least, check the stability before working underneath your vehicle. To do this, give little shoves to see if it stays up or not. If it does, you’re ready to work.

The tips mentioned above can keep you safe and ensure the longevity of your jack stands. This will be helpful to you.

Wrapping It Up

From regular car maintenance to long tire jobs, the usage of jack stands is everywhere. It’s a small yet powerful tool that should be in your home garage. In the article, I’ve discussed the best five 6-ton jack stands for you.

Each mentioned product has hundreds of internet reviews to prove its worth. I’ve also added an extensive buyer’s guide to help you with your research. And at the end, there are a few tips to ensure longevity and safe use of your jack stand.

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